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Developing a Black Feminist Consciousness in the Modern U.S. Circus

Illinois State University, Normal, IL: 2016-2020

Radiance Campbell is a Bone Scholar, which is the highest undergraduate honor at ISU. She also was selected as ISU's Student Laureate for the Lincoln Academy, which is awarded to one student each year. As a Presidential Scholar and Honors student with a 4.0 cumulative GPA, Radiance Campbell has grown as an activist scholar and social justice warrior while at Illinois State University. Her academic work in public health disparities and culturally responsive curriculum is echoed in her community work creating inclusive and accessible yoga spaces for women of color. She is an ISU Preview guide, Gamma Phi Juniors coach at Metcalf, and fourth year member of ISU’s Gamma Phi Circus, where she has been in leadership positions for three years actively working to increase cultural responsiveness within the organization. As an intern at McLean County Democrats, Radiance remains committed to both serving and fighting for the members of her community. A Sociology major with minors in Women’s and Gender Studies and Latinx studies, Radiance has been the recipient of the Luellen Laurenti scholarship from WGS, the Benjamin Keeley scholarship from the Sociology department, and the Clarence and Stella Rose scholarship from the Honors program. 

Prospective Law Student: Fall 2020

 I am inspired by black women intellectuals who analyze intersecting oppressions and work fervently towards social justice, and I fully intend to utilize my law degree to carry on this rich tradition of education, uplift, resistance, and change. My interest is not necessarily in the individual trials and tribulations people face, but rather in the kinds of court cases that spur large-scale, structural change. That is, while it is important to attend to the immediate work of immigration law, it is also important to amend the very laws and policies that put immigrants in the position of needing a lawyer in the first place. Like Ruth Bater Ginsburg, I will be the lawyer that is bold enough to tackle a hundred years of precedent head on, daring to set a new precedent. Like the lawyers at Hausfeld, who filed a suit on behalf of youth climate activists claiming that the climate crisis is a children’s rights abuse, I will use the court system to expose injustice and demand action from federal governments.